In this section, the legal relationship between the Customer and the Seller CONWEARSION arising from Customer purchasing the Goods from the Seller’s Website – – is determined by the following terms and conditions. When accessing the home page of the aforementioned Seller’s Website, the Customer agrees to the Terms of Service set forth here.

The Customer is free to contact the Seller with any suggestions or complaints
with regard to the Seller’s Website as well as purchasing the Goods from it using the contact details provided in the “Contact Us” option.

Definition of the terminology used:

Customer – a physical person or a legal entity that orders and pays for Goods
on the website.

Website – – an Internet resource where the Seller offers Goods as well as provides information on the terms of delivery, payment, and return thereof.

Order – a request duly made by the Customer to purchase items that the Seller’s Website contains directly on it or over the phone.

Seller –, legal address – 73, Drugetiv, Uzhgorod 88000, Ukraine

Goods – freely circulating clothing, footwear, and accessory items placed for sale on the Seller’s Website.


For placing an Order, the registration on the Website is not a must. However, if the Customer decides to place an Order as a registered client, the “Register” option has to be selected and all the necessary fields of the registration form have to be filled out. Otherwise, the Customer choosing to place an Order as an unregistered client must fill out all the fields needed to process the Order. 


After the Customer has made the choice regarding the items to be purchased, these must be selected for further processing through the “Add to shopping cart” function. The “Continue shopping” function enables the Customer to carry on picking items.

The items added to the shopping cart can be viewed by clicking the respective button on the right-hand side of the web page.

Once the Customer has finished choosing items and wants to check them out, the Customer must select a delivery option and a payment method followed by clicking the “Order” function.

The Order placed on the Website will be processed within a maximum of 2 (two) working days and the Customer will receive an Order confirmation with the attached invoice to the specified e-mail address.

In case if the Website content does not provide some information on the items sold, including such characteristics as size, shape, color, etc., the Customer may want to contact the Seller for clarification prior to placing an Order for a specific item. If the Customer has not got in touch with the Seller to obtain more information and has placed an Order, it is considered that the Website materials provided the Customer with all necessary details on the selected items.   

The Seller may exercise the right to cancel the Order in full or in part in case if:

  • the Customer violates the Terms of Service on a regular basis;
  • the Customer failed to make the payment within the stipulated timeframe;
  • the item ordered by the Customer is unavailable.

The Customer must be informed about the cancellation (both full and partial)
by receiving a message from the Seller on the e-mail.

If an Order cancellation has taken place after the payment was made, the Customer should get a refund in the same way as the payment method used for making the payment for the Order in question.


It is the Customer’s right to select any delivery type from those shown on the Seller’s Website.

The type of delivery selected by the Customer will be marked on the Order which, together with the delivery address and the total weight of the Order, determines the time and cost of delivery. Upon receipt of the Order by the Customer, the risk of its accidental damage or loss passes onto the Customer.


As all the prices on the Seller’s Website are shown in the following currencies: GBP, EUR, and USD, the Customer may use one of these currencies to pay for the Order as well as select any of the payment methods offered.  

The total amount to be paid comprises the prices of all the items in the Order and the cost of delivery calculated for the delivery type the Customer has selected.

As soon as the payment is received in the deposit account or the cash register of the Seller, the Order is considered as paid for. The Customer agrees to the invoice for the Order being sent electronically to the specified e-mail address. 


The Customer is entitled to return the purchased items to the Seller or to exchange them to other Goods if the Customer decides to do so within 30 days from the day of the Order receipt.

Prior to undertaking any actions with regard to the return and the exchange, the Customer must discuss it with the Seller over the phone or via e-mail. will refund the total cost of the items returned within 5 (five) working days from receiving the items in the same way as the payment method used.

Authenticity of Goods

Authenticating is a very important part of our activities. We are committed ensuring that every single item available at is authentic because this is the cornerstone of our relationships with the Customer.
The professional buyers working for us and our highly qualified personnel do their best for sourcing not only 100% authentic Goods but also in perfect condition.

If you think that you have purchased a counterfeit from us or the item has reached you in improper condition, please get in contact with us and we will pay your money back. It is really a very important issue for us and we take it very seriously trying to constantly enhance our knowledge in this area.