1. The return of your order can be done without any problem. You can return any item during 30 days from the delivery date and get a refund.

2. You should send the item you want to return to one of our representative offices located in 8 countries of the world, namely Ukraine, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Hungary.

3. Please formalize the return in your personal account and we will send you all the necessary information, or just drop us a line to our Facebook Customer Service or e-mail info@conwearsion.com

4. In case if you received a faulty item or of improper quality, the return delivery is paid by us. If you return the item because the size did not fit, you did not like the item, its color etc., the return delivery is paid by you.

5. To document the return, you need to perform the required actions in your account after which we will send you all the necessary information, or just e-mail us at info@conwearsion.com

6. “To err is human” and from time to time, we may occasionally send wrong items. Please accept our apologies if this concerned you and be assured of that you will get the right items in the shortest possible time. We advise you to contact our Customer Service team to report it. Alternatively, you can do so via our Facebook Customer Service or e-mail info@conwearsion.com

7. We sell second-hand goods and may miss a default in the item which will be later discovered by you. You and our experts may have different opinions about an item condition, it is the human factor. If the item you received is faulty or in bad condition, please inform us about it by getting in touch with our Customer Service team either on Facebook or by e-mail info@conwearsion.com. In any case, don’t be upset, we will refund you the total amount of your order including the delivery cost and pay the return delivery. Also, you will get a nice bonus from us for the next purchase.

8. If you have paid with PayPal, the refund will be done within 48 hours from the moment we receive the return. If your payment was made by credit card, this process may take up to 7 days. Sorry if this seems a bit long but the timeframe is established by your bank or card issuer and we cannot speed it up.